Premium Scented Richland Votive Citronella Candles Review

If you are a big fan of citronella candles, the Premium Scented Richland Votive Citronella Candles are surely a great product that you can use anywhere in your home.  These votive citronella candles are white and come in a set of 72 candles.  They last for a long time and are made of the finest materials.  So let’s take a look at this wonderful home product.

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Votive Citronella Candles – Premium Scented Richard Features

Lighting a Richard Votive candle is really a creative way to add some delicate lighting to your room.  Outside these candles help drive away the mosquitoes that love to swarm your events.  These fragrant Premium Scented Richland Votive Citronella Candles are a great buy and they come with these major features:

  • Each package comes with 72 candles and each lasts for about ten hoursPremium Scented Richard Votive Citronella Candles Features
  • It comes with wicks that are made from 100% cotton
  • They have a clean burning and smokeless flame which is perfect for home use
  • It comes with that delicate citronella scent that will not only bring fragrance, but mosquito repelling benefits as well
  • It suits perfectly with the glass votive holders from Eastland Glass
  • 100% Made in the USA – of finest quality
  • Product dimensions are as follows: 1.5”W x 1.5” H x 1.5” D

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In actuality, Premium Scented Richland Votive Citronella Candles cost around $29.99 for a 72 set.  However, Amazon is offering you a great deal since you can get this at 40% discount.  So, you save about $12 for each set that you purchase.

Premium Scented Richard Votive Candles – Shop Around

Although shopping for the best votive citronella candles may seem like an unnecessary task, but getting the perfect one really matters despite that it is a small item.  This item is such a great buy and recommended not only for everyday home use, but for special gatherings such as weddings and other occasions.  These scented candles may be decorative on the patio, surrounding the Jacuzzi, or even by the tub.

What you will love about these citronella candles is that they burn very well and work perfectly as bug repellent.  These candles are also a great deal since you will be getting 72 nice burning candles in each package.  You will only be paying around 34 cents for each candle and they burn for around 10 hours or more.

The only possible issue with the candle is that it may lose some of its fragrance during the last few hours they burn.  This is not a major issue though considering how long the candles last to begin with.

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Overall, the White Votive Citronella Candles by Richard Candle are a great purchase.  These candles can work for just about everyone.  The scent and functionality is really incredible at their price.  If you are looking for a new way to add some soft light to your party or event these candles are a great option.  Their color also won’t distract for any of your other decorations.  There are also glass holders that you can buy to put these candles into.  You can also find these candles in other colors if you want a different color to match your party theme.

Citronella Candles (Set Of 72) Review – Votive

The Citronella Votive Candles (Set of 72) are perfect if you are in the hunt for a lot of citronella candles at a great price.  They give your home a perfect touch of brightness, warmth, and they even help to repel some insects.  These can be used in any atmosphere and they are easily available too so why not take a look?

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Citronella Candles – Votive Set of 72

 Votive Citronella Candles (Set Of 72) Review

With these citronella candles, you can have any area smelling nice in no time.  These can be used outside or inside and with its amazing list of features; you will certainly love to add these candles to your shopping cart.  These features are:

  • It offers as much as 10 hours of burning time most especially when placed in its Votive holder
  • The wick is made from 100% cotton material
  • Each package comes in 72 high quality candles
  • It is made from clean burning and fine quality yellow paraffin wax
  • Product dimensions are as follows: 1.5 inch D ad 1.25 inch H
  • It helps drive away mosquitoes, gnats and other bugs 
  • 100% Made in the USA by Light in the Dark

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These citronella candles are truly the best ones that you can find on the market.  Each set comes with a $31 price tag, but you can get it at Amazon for only $26.49 with free shipping.  Hence, you save about 15% ($4.51) with each set.

Citronella Candles – A Closer Look

Truly, these citronella candles are of top quality, but what aspects of the candles will truly garnish your love.  These candles are heavily fragranced with that citronella smell which is effective in killing the bugs that commonly annoy you.  In fact, you can place just one of these candles in the middle of a patio table and it can effectively drive all the bugs away.

These also work perfectly if you are residing in an area that is surrounded with plenty of ferns, mountains, woods, and other flora.  These candles will give a rustic feel to any outdoor party or camping trip, especially when near ponds or creeks.  Hence, it is really a blessing to get hold of an affordable candle that can add a unique ambiance to your location, fight insect invasions, all the while giving off a pleasant smell.

It can work as lighting for just about anywhere, but you will find this votive citronella candle is bit small compared to other citronella candles.  It comes at about 1 x 1 x 1 inches, but this does not make it less effective.  It burns a long time as well, which gives you the best quality for about 37 cents each.

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Overall, the Citronella Votive Candles (Set of 72) is something I would highly recommend.  It is among the top quality of citronella candles while being affordable, long burning, and heavily fragranced to meet it’s purpose.  As is generally the case, buying these candles online can be a quick way to cheap, high quality items.  Be sure you buy from some where that you can rely on proper shipping so the candles are not ruined in transit.  Enjoy your new found freedom outside!

Citronella Candles – Summer Yellow Tealight – Set Of 40

Whether you are looking for outdoor or indoor citronella candles, the Citronella Summer Yellow Tealight Candles Set of 40 by Shop a Candle is surely a fabulous pick.  There are a lot of candle products out there but finding the perfect one at an affordable price can be hard. Take a look at this review to see if a Tealight candle is right for you!

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Summer Yellow Citronella Candles Main Features

Citronella Candles - Summer Yellow Tealight - set of 40

These citronella candles are truly a great companion for a simple home decorating project or even events such as parties, outdoor wedding receptions, and even cookouts.  So, whether you are planning to give your home a different kind of fragrance and atmosphere or you are planning an outdoor picnic, do not forget to have these handy.  They come with  tons of benefits.  Some of the features of these citronella candles are:

  • They are 100% hand-poured                                                                                                                              
  • It comes with a nice flame and delicate citronella burn that can bring out a lovely fragrance
  • It helps to keep away gnats, mosquitoes, and other insects when outdoors 
  • Each pack comes in a set of 40 long burning tea lights
  • 100% Made in the USA by a leading candle manufacturer – Shop a Candle

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These citronella candles normally cost $19.99 per set.  Buying this product at Amazon will bring you a more amazing deal as you can get it for only $11.99 or 40% off with free shipping.  There is no better way to shop for fabulous citronella candles!

Summer Yellow Citronella Candles – Details

With such candles, you can come up with a perfect ambiance any occasion, camping trip, or outdoor party.  They can be used whichever way you want as it can be used inside or outside your home. What you will love about these citronella candles is the distinctive citrus fragrance and their ability to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Even without lighting the candles you can smell their citronella scent.  It even more delightful when you light them.  Moreover, these candles light very easily and can hold a nice flame despite windy conditions.  Five to six of these citronella candles are enough to produce that lovely smell and at the same time, prevent mosquitoes and other insects from going near you.  These candles are great if you reside in a woody area and they deserve praises for what they can do at such a great price.

Each set comes with forty candles so you will only be paying about 30 cents for each candle.  They burn and maintain their fragrance for as long as four hours.  Unlike other tea lights on the market that tend to lose their fragrance after a few hours of burning.

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Overall, the Citronella Summer Yellow Tea Light is a good buy.  It produces a lovely flame and prevents the swarming of bugs quite well.  It can light up any atmosphere at a reasonable price.  As mentioned earlier these candles are a great buy if you search online for them.  Keep in mind that you need to insure whoever you buy from online is going to properly ship the candles.  There is no point in finding cheaper stuff online if half the candles will arrived cracked or broken any ways.  Shop a candle really out did themselves with this product!

Votive Candle – Finding the Perfect One

With a soft flicker of light that can fill a dark room with warmth, candles have been used for years. From Churches to restaurants, candles are your all-around partner in creating ambiance. Whether to give light to a room or fill an area with just the right touch of romance you have options to choose from. Scented candles, wedding candles, and even votive candles can be used for many different events and situations. For many, finding the perfect set of cheap candles is a must. After all, not all cheap candles give you value for the money spent. You need to find just the right votive candles in just the right size and color. Here are some options you can take a look at:

Votive Candle – Bluecorn Naturals 100% Pure Raw Beeswax

Votive Candle - Bluecorn Naturals Pure Raw Beeswax

No. of pieces: 36
Burn time: 15 hours
Scent: Honey
Color: naturally colored by pollen
Shipping weight: 4.8 pounds

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With a scent that reminds you of sweet honey, this votive candle set are crafted with 100% pure beeswax and colored by pollen. The price of these candles as a set is high but it is good to note that it is actually a very good price for pure beeswax candles.  The beeswax material makes these scented candles emit negative ions that actually cleanse the air as you keep them lit. Another good thing about this all-natural set of beeswax candles is that it’s certifiably non-toxic, free of lead, and hypoallergenic. When you buy these scented candles, you also have to make sure that you get votive holders to insure they burn for the full 15 hours.

Biedermann & Sons 144 fifteen-hour Votive Candle, White

Votive Candle - Biedermann & Sons 144 fifteen-hour Votive Candles, White

No. of pieces: 144
Burn time: 15 hours
Scent: None
Color: white
Shipping weight: 16.4 pounds

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If you plan to buy in bulk this set of cheap candles is exactly what you need. At 144 pieces this votive candle set comes at a bulk-order price.  This allows you to save a lot on the cost. You also save time because you won’t look at candles every time you go to the store.  You’ll simply have these on hand and you can use them anytime.

The best thing about this set is you don’t suffer from inferior quality because these votive candles are made with craftsmanship that you can truly be proud of. Unlike the honey scented candles though, this comes with no scent at all, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Some people prefer unscented candles because they don’t like having to deal with one particular type of smell.

10 Hour Unscented Votive Candle Set of 12 MADE IN USA

Votive Candle Set 10 Hour Unscented 12 MADE IN USA

No. of pieces: 12
Burn time: 10 hours
Scent: None
Color: red
Shipping weight: 1.5 pounds

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Made from topnotch quality paraffin wax, this popular set of unscented votive candles comes in the color red. White votive candles are perhaps the most common, but if you want to add a little color then these are the cheap votive candles for you. Compared to the other cheap candles this set only has a burn time of 10 hours. If you don’t need the added 5 hours this will not matter much, but if you are looking to maximize burn time vs dollars spent then this might not be the right set for you. These cheap votive candles are made in the USA, so you actually have some of the finest stores in the country selling them. These cheap candles also come without a scent, so you don’t have to worry about preferences in smell.

Choosing Votive Candles That Fit Your Event Budget

Anyone who has ever organized an event knows that if you want to make that event extra special candles help. Scented candles for instance can provide the right ambiance to a birthday, dinner party, or even centerpieces for every day events. Whether you’re looking for scented candles or cheap votive candles to make your event extra special, you should know that buying a set is the way to go. Here are some of the best value for your money sets that you can choose from:

10 Hour Ivory Unscented Votive Candles Set of 24

10 Hour Ivory Unscented Votive Candles Set of 24

Color: Ivory, Red, White
Burn time: 10 hours
Shipping weight: 2.5 pounds
Size: 1 7/16″ x 1 ½”

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This set of cheap votive candles comes in 24 pieces. This makes it perfect so it’s quite perfect if you want to add some romantic ambiance to any small or intimate gathering. The lead free cotton wicks in these scented candles help with the clean and smokeless burning. Unlike a lot of candles out there that have an overpowering smell these are unscented. To help insure the burn time of these candles it is recommended you use votive holders. These discount candles come in three colors, you can blend it in alongside any special motif that you have in mind.

Set of 72 Ivory Unscented Candles – Richland Votive Candles and 72 Holders

Set of 72 Ivory Unscented Richland Votive Candles and 72 Holders

Color: Ivory
Burn time: 10 hours
Shipping weight: 20 pounds
Size: 1 ½” x 1 ½”
Size of votive holders: 2” diameter x 2 ½”

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If you’re planning to organize a larger affair, you should consider this set of 72 votive candles. They come with their own glass candle holders. By purchasing this particular set of votive candles, you no longer have to worry about where to put them or where to buy votive holders that will fit your cheap candles. The votive holders are made from thick, quality glass. With these set  you really get value for your money. With a burn time of 10 hours you can leave these votive candles on throughout your entire affair.

Darice Unscented Candles – 12 Hour Votive Candles

Darice Unscented 12 Hour Votive Candles 30 package

Color: White, Ivory
Burn time: 12 hours
Shipping weight: 3 pounds
Size: 1.4″ X 1.8″

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Another good option is this set of 30 votive candles. These candles are great for any nook to help fill the room with magic. With these cheap votive candles, you can definitely make your events more memorable. What sets this set of candles apart from many other options is that its burn time being a little longer at 12 hours. If your event requires a longer engagement time, then these cheap candles are the ones you should get.

Even with a 12-hour burn time, you don’t have to worry about filling the room with a scent that the guests may not like that much. If you chose scented candles there is always going to be someone who isn’t happy. These cheap votive candles don’t come with any scent at all, so you can burn them for the full 12 hours without any amount of worrying. This value pack of cheap candles can certainly complete any event you may have planned.